Bible Study

We currently have two Bible Study Sessions.

Sunday 10:30 am

We will meet informally in the Fireside Room following fellowship with coffee and donuts. We are currently studying Micah.

Monday 7:00 pm

We will be using a course called “How Can They Teach That? And Still Claim to Believe the Bible.” This adult Bible study is about why some Christian church denominations have adopted positions on several key topics contrary to what Scripture clearly says. It explains how the higher critical method of interpreting Scripture has allowed human reason to distort God’s clear Word. The six lessons are
“A ‘New’ Way of Looking at Scripture,”
“How Can They Teach That About Creation?
“How Can They Teach That About Women Serving in the Public Ministry?”
“How Can They Teach That About Homosexuality?”
“How can They Teach That About Abortion and Early Life Issues?”
“How Can We Remain Faithful to Scripture?” .


Please contact Pastor for more information.