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September 17, 2017 – John 12:44-50

“I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say”  (Pastor Witte)

September 10,2017John 12:20-33

“We Would Like to See Jesus” (Pastor Balge)

September 3, 2017John 10:31-42

“The Stones Were Not the Only Signs” (Pastor Witte)

August 27, 2017 – John  8:46-59

“Your Savior is the LORD” (Pastor Balge)

August 20, 2017 John 8:38-45

“Like Father, Like Son” (Pastor Witte)

August 6, 2017John 8:12-20

“When Jesus Calls Himself the Worlds Light” (Pastor Witte)

July 30, 2017John 7:40-52

“No One Ever Spoke the Way This Man Does.” (Pastor Balge)

July 23, 2017John 7:25-36

“They Kept Asking Questions” (Pastor Witte)

April 5, 2017Matthew 27:1-5

“Turn to Jesus:Do Not Turn Away” (Pastor Nathan Nass)

April 2, 2017John 12:1-11

“In Lieu of You” (Pastor Witte)

March 29, 2017Luke 23:35-43

“Turn to Jesus:  He Holds the Key to Heaven” (Pastor Jim Bourman)

March 26, 2017 – John 11:47-57

“It is Better…That One Man Die for the People” (Pastor Balge)

March 22, 2017 – Luke 23:322-34

“Turn to Jesus: He Longs for the Father to Forgive You” (Pastor Witte)

March 19, 2017 – John 11:17-46

“Really Rely! Totally Trust!” (Pastor Witte)

March 15, 2017Luke 18:9-33

“Turn to Jesus and Not to Yourself” (Pastor Nass)

March 12, 2017 – John 11:1-16

“Jesus Has Perfect Timing” (Pastor Balge)

March 8, 2017 –  Mark 14:32-383

“Turn to Jesus When You Face Temptation” (Pastor Degner)

March 5, 2017John 12:21-32
“In Your Night-Fight” (Pastor Witte)

March 1, 2017John 16:32-33
“When You Are Alone, Turn to Jesus” (Pastor Witte)

February 26, 2017John 12:37-43
“What Faith Does” (Pastor Balge)


February 19, 2017John 4:43-54
“Jesus’ Signs Were Sensational” (Pastor Witte)


February 12, 2017John 2:12-25
“Carry Out God’s Work with Passion and Authority” (Pastor Balge)


February 5, 2017John 2:1-11
“Jesus Made Wine for You” (Pastor Witte)


January 29, 20171 Corinthians 1:26-31
“Boast in the Lord” (Pastor Otto)


January 22nd, 2017John 1:35-42
“View the New Who of You” (Pastor Witte)


January 15, 2017 – John 1:29-34
“Look, The Lamb of God Who Takes Away the Sin of the World” (Pastor Balge)


January 8th, 2017John 1:5-9
“The Light Shines in the Darkness” (Pastor Witte)